Work in the GTA

Ontario is full of career opportunities, but for most, the ability to find jobs is limited to a smaller area. With Toronto as its center, the GTA is a great place to search for work. It is the third largest financial hub in North America and is an economic, distribution, and financial center. Whether you are looking for jobs in transportation, retail, manufacturing, communications or construction, there are active opportunities here. By living and working in the GTA you can maximize the number of jobs available to you. Here are just a few cities in the greater Toronto area that are full of employment possibilities.

City of Brampton


Brampton is ranked as the third largest city in the GTA. Being a very diverse city, Brampton is constantly creating new jobs in a variety of fields. Brampton needs to continue to create these jobs in order to keep up with its expanding population. A few of the large companies in Brampton that contribute to these job oppoptunities include: Rogers, Chrysler, Loblaws, Canadian Tire, Zellers, Best Buy, Future Shop and Coca-Cola. Brampton also has a great deal of part time and full time work in retail, hospitality, and distribution.

City of Calednon


Caledon is very economically diverse. It's a rural area and one of the smallest in the GTA, but it is home to over 1,700 potential employers. Although it is small in comparison, it is in close proximity to both Brampton and Mississauga; two of the biggest cities in the area. Caledon has great job opportunities in manufacturing, transportation, and retail. Some of its biggest employers include the Mars manufacturing plant, the Husky Injection Moldings plant, and large retail outlets like Wal-Mart.

City of Georgetown


Georgetown is another expanding city in the GTA - located about 60km west of Toronto. Along with many retail, transportation, and parks and recreation opportunities, Georgetown has a large industrial sector. Companies such as Mold Masters, CPI, Nielson Dairy, Eastwood Guitars, and Cooper Standard have a large presence in Georgetown regarding job creation. Georgetown is also a quickly growing city. Its expansion and population growth have resulted in Tim Hortons, Metro, Neighbours, and many other franchises opening up new locations that need people looking for work.

City of Mississauga


Mississauga has always been strong economically. Rated the 11th most prosperous city in Canada by Money Sense, Mississauga is the home to several corporate headquarters; most notably, Wal-Mart. Some of its strongest, job creating industries include pharmaceuticals, banking, finance, electronics, automotive and transportation. If you are looking for a career in the GTA, in these fields, Mississauga is a great place to start. There are job opportunities with companies like Wal-Mart, TD, RBC, Microsoft, and Menu Foods - a dog and cat food manufacturer.

City of Oakville


Oakville has many top employers in a variety of sectors. Ford, Goodrich, GE Water, and Automodular all have manufacturing plants in Oakville and create over 5,000 manufacturing sector jobs in Oakville. Oakville also has large Engineering, Technology, Digital Media, and Life Sciences sectors. Like most cities in the GTA Oakville has many retail job opportunities and, with growing populations, both residential and commercial construction work. Oakville also has distribution centres for both UPS and Sobey's, which could be possibilities if you are looking for distribution jobs.

City of Orangeville


Orangeville is known for its large administrative and commercial sectors, which means administrative jobs and commercial jobs. Banks always provide secure full time work and Orangeville is home to Bank of Montreal, CIBC, TD, RBC, Scotiabank, Meridian Credit Union, and Duca Credit Union. Orangeville also contains a lot of retail outlets and big box stores, many of which are located at the Fairgrounds Shopping Centre. If you are looking for manufacturing jobs or work at a plant, Orangeville has possibile job opportunities at local plants for Greening Donald, Resolve Corporation, Clorox, Relizon, and Plastiflex. Being a part of the GTA, Orangeville is well connected to the other cities in the area. This creates work in Orangeville transportation and distribution sectors as well.